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Size: 2 x 3 meters, 6 x 9 feet

This substantial icon is designed to mount on an exterior wall.

The size shown is approximately 2 x 3 meters (6 x 9 feet). ABA Cuprum is prepared to handle reproductions up to five times as large!
This icon pictured above is silverplated on top of pure copper. The precise measurements are 182 x 286 cm (72 x 113 in; 6'0" x 9'5").

ABA Cuprum has installed this icon on two churches in Poland. With a new fabrication studio, ABA Cuprum is prepared to do sizes up to 10 x 15 meters (30 x 45 feet)!

Sizes up to 5 x 10 meters (15 x 30 feet) can be shipped as one piece by air freight to international destinations. Shipments could also be made by ocean freight or land freight depending on destination.

The painting of the Virgin and Child is done with best quality special "tallens" artistic colors for exterior painting. The painted surfaces are sealed under a thick (10mm, 3/8 in) clear weatherproof polycarbonate coating.

To accommodate the heat stress (100-170 degrees C, 212-338 degrees F) from direct sun, a special kind of temperature-sensitive epoxy would be used for attaching. It has the same elastic qualities as the copper of the underlying metal icon.

The joints between the painted surfaces and metal icon are covered by exterior weather-specific elastic materials.

The general method of attaching to the exterior wall is shown in the following image:

As shown, the basic price* would be [see ABA Cuprum for price] Euros EUR ($[see ABA Cuprum for price] Dollars USD) plus shipping, transportation, customs duties, and import costs. A visit by the icon maker to oversee installation would need to be covered as well.

Price would also be dependent on degree of detailing desired by the customer.

For larger sizes, price would be approximately a multiple.

ABA Cuprum is quite receptive to modifications.

To begin the process of specifying and ordering this large icon, please Contact ABA Cuprum.

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