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#G3 Lectionary Cover


The scenes and figures of Gospel Cover G3 are similar to Covers G1 and G2 above.

Additional information is provided below.

    * Dimensions 17 x 25.5 cm (6.7 x 10.0 in) in closed position. Larger versions are available.
    * The metal panels with scenes and figures are silver plated on copper with gilded 24K gold.
    * The metal panels are mounted on colored leather.
    * The color of the leather can be purple (shown to the left), black, brown, or red.
    * Different width gospel can be accomodated, as shown with the next two images below.

The front and back iconic metal panels are attached to a leather insert sheet.

The space between the front and back iconic panels (the spline) can be adjusted to accommodate thicker gospels.

The white-colored triangle area is then wrapped around to the back and inserted into the back leather sheet.

Here, the insert from the image above has been wrapped around and put into the back leather sheet.

This insertion compensates for the greater spline when a larger gospel is used (see discussion above).

#G3 Lectionary Cover#G3 Lectionary Cover#G3 Lectionary Cover
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